How to choose the best Guesthouse for you

A guest house is a type of accommodation. In some areas of the world a guest house is not dissimilar to the inn, bed, and breakfast, or a hostel where in other areas of the world, guest houses are a kind of resort that is low-priced accommodation.


In still others, it’s a private home that has been converted for the exclusive use of guest lodging. The owner normally lives in an entirely different area within the property and the guest house may function as a kind of lodging business. Some significant advantages of guest houses are:

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15 amazing ideas that will help you make your garden a green paradise

Are you looking to accent your garden with the beautiful and affordable decorations? If it is so then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We have struggled hard to select various ideas for outdoor garden art décor to provide you the guide about how you can transform your garden into a green paradise with the help of a few fun and easy techniques.

What can be more delightful and more charming than a house on a leafy street with a beautiful blooming garden in its front? A garden extends the value of a home significantly, especially in the sale and purchase matter.

We can help you enhance your living quality with the addition of fresh air and the look of a small organized green forest.

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Decor ideas for your guesthouse

Are you expecting overnight guests? Transform your spare bedroom to a five-star getaway by applying the style of boutique hotels to it. Your overnight guests don’t expect the hotel-like amenities from your spare room, but you try to be a perfect guest. It’s better to create a cozy space instead of offering a comfy bed and a towel to use in the bathroom. You are not supposed to compromise the square footage or functionality to provide your guests a true home away from home; all you need to do is apply any of these creative and cozy ideas to your guest room to make a long-lasting impression on your guests.

These guest bedroom ideas can make your guests feel welcomed and right at home.

1:-Lots of Pillows:-


If your additional room is not large, there is likely not enough space for an effective reading seat. Solve this issue with a body pillow— your guests can utilize it during the day as a makeshift sofa and snuggle up with it while they sleep.

Many pillows are necessary for reading in bed and propping up. Simply tell your guests where to place the pillows when they unmake the bed each night.

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Rooms and Rates

10 standard hotel rooms, 11 studio apartments and 2 one-bedroom units make up our range of accommodations.

All units have private baths, AC, ceiling fans, cable TV, phones with data ports and voicemail, coffee makers and refrigerators. Some units can be adjoined for additional space.

Our barbecue, garden area, beach towels, chairs and laundry facilities are available for guest use. Irons and hair dryers are available upon request.

Sleeps 1 – 2 personsIncludes:
Queen size bed
Private bath
Air Conditioning
Cable TV

Coffee Maker

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