Green Ideas for Hotels


Hotels are a very essential part of life. They have been with us from a long time back and they play a very important role of accommodating visitors and travellers alike. This also makes them a collection point for pollutants as they use a lot of products that are classified as pollutants. The hotel business also spends heavily on electricity bills as lighting up the facility is often a major requirement. Water is another major expenditure for the hotels as showers, swimming pools and bathtubs are a high point for any traveller to find in a hotel. They produce a large amount of rubbish that is why they need to handle rubbish disposal in London the eco-friendly way However, to assist the cause of going green, hotels can set up some very easy incentives to ensure that they don’t mess up the environment.

  1. Reduce the shower water allocation.

Showers use a lot of water in one bath as it is already. Hotel showers though average approximately three times that amount as the travellers often wish to pamper themselves. This is usually at the expense of the environment as this water goes to waste. Limiting the amount of water that a shower can dispense a minute would go a long way in the process of going green.

  1. Replace plastic laundry bags with cloth bags.

The use of plastic laundry bags is a norm in many of the hotels around the world. As we all know, these plastic bags eventually end up in the trash where they are not utilized for anything else. They become trash which ends up destroying the environment through pollution. Hotels can use cloth bags as their laundry bags with the aim of going green. Make waste removal green and do your bit for the environment.

  1. Cultivate an onsite garden

The beauty of a garden within a hotel cannot be underestimated. This can assist grow natural products for the hotel while contributing towards keeping the environment healthy. Creating a compost pile is a great idea if they have a place where they can do it. This will reduce their expenses on rubbish clearance as they will get an efficient way to dispose of organic waste.

  1. Implement water recycling.

Hotels spend a lot of water in a single day in the showers and swimming pool facilities. This water is often just let out into the sewers which is often just pollution. To reduce this wanton waste, the water from showers can be recycled as it doesn’t really have much impurities. This will go a long way in conserving the environment as it means the water expenditure will go low. If they recycle the waste when dealing with rubbish removal and they will protect the environment!

  1. Encouraging and facilitating green activities.

By organizing outdoor events such as picnics and hikes hotels can help save up on power usage as the time that guests spend on electricity and showers will be reduced immensely when they are out hiking.

  1. Invest in smart systems that switch of lights automatically

This can be a great way to save on electrical bills. By investing in key card systems that switch of electricity, it can assist save on power. This will assist the cause of going green effectively.

  1. Turning wastebaskets into trash sorters

Waste baskets can be a great way to sort out recyclables and non-recyclable products. This can assist identify what will be trashed and what can be re used within the hotel facility.